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PMS features intelligent display, real time clock, weekly timers and backup memory for tracking purposes. It embrances the simple yet powerful, production concepts that deliver results on time.

Built on the solid state technology, our large, bright LED display system deliver both reliability and functionality in terms of clear, sharp and direct visual communication. See benefit from using PMS, who to use, where to install.

    VSP1000 Series - Low Cost General Purpose Counter
A single line indoor digital counter . Ranging from 3 to 6 digits. Available in 3 character size, 2.3", 4" and 7" height. Customer can choose to include label prior to the counting digits.
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    VSP2000 Series - Production Counter
A multiple line (2 to 4 line) indoor production counter. Ranging from 4 to 6 digits. Available in 3 character size, 2.3", 4" and 7" height. Red color LED for Target & Plan row, Bi-color for Actual row. Contact or sensor input.
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    VSP Customized Display
Custom-made indoor / outdoor display designed to cater for specific customer request. Input type can be sensor, contact, or even computer interface (RS232 / RS485). Production data will be retained in the hardware and transfered to PC later. These data can be converted into meaningful reports for improvement purposes.
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    Synchronized Serial Digital Clock
Digital clock that is designed for indoor use. It can work in a Stand Alone or Synchronized mode. Utilised sleek anodized aluminium frame that further uphold professionalism in your organization. Supports both 12/24 hour format and the complex day light saving features.
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