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   Synchronized Serial Digital Clock

Serial Clock Diagram Layout Viscon Serial Digital Clock is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications where accurate, synchronized time is required.

Now all your clocks can display the same precise, legal time, whether in the office, factory, warehouse, school or retail business.

The clock may be used as stand-alone display or be synchronized to a single master clock or PC. Each clock can provide a variety of time zones and 12 or 24-hour display formats.

Optional PC synchronized software may also be used to provide the features of auto daylight saving setting. With the battery backup capability, clock accuracy is unaffected by power failure, and maintains accurate time as soon as power is restored.

Clock Specification

Digits : 4 digits, 4 " height superbright 7 seg LED
Color : Red
Dimension : 420mm(W) x 180mm(H) x 41mm(D)
Time Format : 12/24 hours selectable

Synchronization :
1) Without PC: One master clock sets the time of all other slave clock by using the RS 485 network.
2) With PC: Computer software automatically set the time of all clocks at a fixed interval. Comes with auto daylight saving features.

Master Clock Setting : Clock's push button or computer through RS232



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