Frequently Asked Questions

Can we upgrade VSQ1000 series stand-alone queue system to multiple service/counters application in future?
Yes, stand-alone system is upgradable to VSQ2010 series for multi-services and multi-counters application.
Can we issue more than one copy of ticket and how many of tickets can be generated by one paper roll?
Yes, system can be programmed for single copy of ticket or more than that. One paper roll can generates up to 1200 copies of ticket.
Where can we get the paper roll supply from?
Paper Roll can be purchased from any Epson or Samsung distributor, stationery outlet, or directly from us or factory.
How can we monitor the status of our counters or customers?
User has an option to add-up Qsoft (Supervisory Software) with any new system or existing system, and Qsoft will be enable user to monitor and execute previous and current queue transaction included queue analysis report in form and graph format.
Is queue system required regular maintenance after installation?
User can request for preventive or remedial maintenance once every three months to ensure the system is operates in good condition.
Is VSQ2010 system workable without the PC?
Yes. VSQ2010 is workable without PC. VSQ2010 is the micro-processor based system and it is controlled by the Queue Processor and PC worked as data downloading station for generates the queue analysis report. Unless for VSQ3000 series, PC worked as Queue Server for the whole system.
What kind of system can we apply if we have more than 10 branches throughout the country? How are we going to monitor it?
For distributed queue system, we are strongly recommended for VSQ2010TP series. This system is going to centralize all the branches



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