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EMS is designed for visibility outdoor and indoor use with its high quality and bright LED. User can directly enter or change the message by using a wireless remote control keyboard or with optional connection to a computer.

Nowadays, electronic message board plays as a versatile tool not only for displaying information, but also for evaluating ideas, image-building and increasingly as a competitive tool to win business. The rationale for implementing EMS is in essence to secure a clear information dissemination. It is an efficient means by which message is delivered to promote enterprise objectives and business.
Indoor LED Display
LED Messaging Display designed for the indoor use ranging from 1-line to 5-line with remote setting capability.

Outdoor LED Display
All sorts of outdoor display, all climate casing, ultra bright LED.

Electronic Bulletin Board
A perfect replacement unit for your conventional notice board

Foreign Exchange Display
Gain competitiveness and customers attention by publishing your currency exchange rate here.

Ever think of a better way to display your game score to your audience ? Tired of writing on the white board while the game is on its peak ? We have a display solution for any of your game.

Custom Made Display
We cater for any special requirement on both indoor and outdoor display. Image shows the display used by Highway Maintainence Lorry.



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